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You might have heard the expression – “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and this phrase is definitely true for your home’s front door. Composite fibreglass front doors are becoming popular option. While the marketplace is loaded with options of doors to choose from for your home – from being design friendly to tough intruder-safe and weatherproof doors – composite fibreglass front doors meet the most needs for the people who are looking at replacing their old front door.

So, now the question is “What makes composite fibreglass doors a good option?” Let’s discuss this in detail.

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Don’t Have to Compromise on Aesthetic Appeal

The next big thing about composite fibreglass door is their appearance. With advanced technology, it is possible to get wood textured finished fibreglass door. Besides grains texture, there are endless possibilities of staining. You can mix and match the grain and colour, which means customization is possible with composite fibreglass door.

Stand the Test of Time

We often hear people saying composite fibreglass doors are durable; it is the basic composition of the composite fibreglass that lends to the product’s endurance. For this composite fibreglass doors are exceedingly popular in places that see harsh climates and extreme weather conditions. If the place you are staying at sees extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures in few months’ time, you need a composite fibreglass door, as these doors will neither swell nor warp with frequent temperature fluctuations. Designed by professionals to last a lifetime, the material can withstand not only the environmental changes but the daily abuse. We often consider steel door for long life, however, to your surprise composite fibreglass doors can resist abrasions better than steel doors because-

  1. Composite fibreglass doors are not prone to dents and dings.
  2. Composite fibreglass doors don’t rust.
  3. Composite fibreglass doors are durable and maintain long life.

Relax: Composite Fibreglass Entry Doors are Maintenance-Free

The moment you get composite fibreglass door installed at your place, your next job for years to come would be – RELAX AND ENJOY IT! As we discussed above, these doors are rust resistant and are not prone to dents and all, so you don’t have to worry about kids and guests knocking things into the doors and leaving scratches and marks. Wooden doors might have the same properties (no denting and rusting), but the wooden doors need regular treatment and repairs for maintaining their appearance and life.

Enjoy Lower Energy Bills

Composite fibreglass door’s insulating properties are one of its many other great advantages. The basic door frame is made up of LVL with a resin edge, which is filled with an insulating polyurethane form. This adds to your home’s energy efficiency while being able to withstand harsh weather. Yes, you may find steel doors with some insulating form, however, the steel itself is a good conductor of heat and thus the door surface would remain extremely cold in winters and vice-versa. Similarly, wood doors may not feel hot or cold to the touch, however, they don’t have form insulation, hence are less energy efficient than composite fibreglass.

Composite Fibreglass Entry Door Prices

As mentioned above, there is a huge variety available in composite fibreglass doors, similarly, the price range is also quite broad. The price increases with the addition of decorative items like adding sidelights and/or other glass decorations to your door.

The best thing about composite fibreglass door is irrespective of the initial cost, replacing an old door with energy efficient composite fibreglass door will start saving on your cooling and heating bills right from the day you have installed it. People have this opinion that composite fibreglass doors are much higher in price, but the fact is they are as affordable as wooden doors, often even cheaper. While steel doors can be inexpensive, you definitely have to compromise on beauty and most importantly on energy efficiency properties.

So, its time you rethink and invest in composite fibreglass doors, which are not only weatherproof doors but also does not require much maintenance. For more information and design options, visit