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Timber types

Available Timber

Parkwood’s solid timber doors are crafted from a range of sustainable timbers that are made to be reliable for joinery. Providing options within everyone’s budget while offering a variety of options in colours and grains to suit almost any home design.
Depending on the style, exterior paint quality doors are made with exterior grade plywood with a vee groove. Exterior stain quality doors have TGV boards Ex 100×25 (dependent on style).

Interior paint quality doors with 10mm flat panels are made with customwood. Interior stain quality doors with flat panels may have veneer panels, all stain quality AR interior doors have Ex 100×25 TGV boards and square shoulders.

Western Red Cedar

With its beautiful Canadian forest origins, this product is highly sought after around the world. With its rich red colour, superior stability and variety of grains and shades, it is popular with discerning home builders everywhere. We are getting ‘stripy cedar’, which means we have an array of different colours on one board. The stripe appearance can be toned with the application of light stain.

You can choose between stain quality (to be stained) and paint quality (to be painted).


A timber option that combines stability, resistance, and durability.
With a rich chocolate-brown tone and an even grain, engineered lamination lines finish off each surface nicely. Thermal modification of Vulcan is performed by computer-monitored kilns. With its laminated structure, this patent-protected product is even stronger. The individual pores of the timber will not absorb moisture anymore, so it will not move or change like other natural products.

You can choose between stain quality (to be stained) and paint quality (to be painted).

American White Ash

In terms of colour, sapwood will vary from light to nearly white, while heartwood will run from grayish brown to light brown to pale yellow streaked with brown. Whether it’s for a residential or commercial project, White Ash’s beautiful grain and versatility will lend a natural elegance to the project.

Radiata Pine

The pine used at Parkwood is precision sawn and kiln dried, then dressed on all four sides. Dimensional stability is achieved by this process. In order to produce a product that is strong and reliable, the trees are carefully selected, managed, and processed. Vulcan is recommended for oversized doors for its stability.