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interior doors

Timber Interior Doors

Interior doors can get a lot of traffic, especially bedroom and bathroom doors. Parkwood solid timber doors are stronger than hollow core doors; the kids can’t kick holes in them, they shut better and they don’t blow open or shut easily with the wind.
Solid wood doors have an elegance and quality that can add value to your home.
Designed to expand and contract, because wood is a natural material it is very reactive to changes in temperatures and humidity.

  • Interior doors – 38mm thick.
  • Solid timber for better acoustic rating. 
  • High quality smooth finish ready for painting or staining.
  • Made to measure.
  • Character and style.
  • Paint Quality Interior doors are made using custom wood/MDF.
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Barn Doors

Barn doors not only provide functionality but they also come with aesthetic benefits.

In a small space a sliding barn door can provide great space economy, unlike a traditional swing door which typically requires 2-3 metres of clear swing space, a barn door only requires wall space.

Barn doors not only look great but they can be tailored to suit the style of your home. Whether you want to add a rustic touch with traditional wood or painted to provide a streamlined look for the modern home.

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Composite Interior

Smooth clean Duramax fibreglass door skins provide an excellent impact resistant substrate for hygienic spray paint finish.
Low sound transmission and high insulation as a result of the PU dense foam core.
Straight and stable, no bowing due to LVL stiles. No swelling or breakdown thanks to the fully sealed composite PVC resin edges on 4 sides of door.

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Louvre Doors

Our solid timber interior louvres are made with care and designed to enhance every room in your home.
We hand-pick only the finest quality timbers to ensure our louvres are strong, durable, and beautiful. Our custom built louvres can suit your exact requirements.

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Creating the finishing touch. Parkwood offers a range of hardware options to further enhance your interior doors.


Glass Options

Select glass to compliment your door and home.
Glass that makes a bold statement or something more subtle. Plain glass or something more decorative. Glass can be contemporary and minimalist, or it can provide fine detailing in older homes.
Parkwood can pre-fix your glass so there is no need to fit glass on site.