Specifier Library

Parkwood has published our most popular door styles, not only in DWG and PDF formats but also as Revit families, ready for use.

There are 3 different ways you can download and use our Revit families:


1. The easiest and most comprehensive way for full Revit users

Use the free RevitWorks Door Factory Preview add-in to configure any single or double hinged door with our panels.

Download from here


2. The easiest way for Revit LT users

Download and use our single hinge door collection from here, pre-assembled with rebated jambs and splayed trims.

Standard Doors                                 Curtain Panel Doors


3. Incorporate the Parkwood panels into your existing door families

Download the panel collections (refer below for panels included) and incorporate them into your existing door families.

Please note: Understanding of the Revit Family Editor is required, How do I do this?

Aluminium Entry Door Panels

Duramax Composite Entry Door panels

Timber Entry and Interior Door Panels

Commercial Personal Access Egress Range

Duramax Commerical Door Panels

Commercial Personnel Access Egress Range

Files included are the CFL door, Pacific Frame and Box Frame



Garrison 75mm Box Frame – PDF

Commercial 106mm Box Frame – PDF

Pacific Frame – PDF



Files for the Duramax Commerical FLS, FLSL4, FLSVP2, FLSVP5, and FLSVP8


Duramax Composite Entry Door Panels

Files for the following Door Panel types are included: FV, F4, FHV, FLAR12s, FLP1, FV2, FVAR10 and FVAR11



Written Duramax Specifications

Written Duramax Lite Interior (FTS) Specifications

* We are a specialist supplier to trade and retailers. Contact your local dealer or building merchant for pricing and supply