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Door Finish

Timber Doors

In order to prevent the breakdown of solid timber doors due to UV rays and weather, it is crucial to finish your door correctly.

Timber doors shouldn’t be finished in a dark colour (Colour requires to have a LRV rating of higher than 40%), as this attracts the heat, if you do finish in a dark colour it will void the warranty on the door.

Timber doors need to be sealed (6 sides) within 5 days of receiving the door and full coating applied within 28 days of being sealed. Oils and penetrating stains are not a sealant.


Do not use oil or penetrating stain as a finish – even if this is recommended by the manufacturer, using these products will void the warranty. View Sikkens LRV ratings here.

Ensure all sides are coated including top and bottom of the doors.

Base Coat

A translucent primer coat that’s coloured to align different timber discrepancies, while preserving the wood grain’s appearance. You may request this at the time of ordering the door. The base coat we recommend using is Sikkens HLS.

Second and Top Coat

A UV protector, preventing any breakdown plus a flexible coating that allows for natural movement without breaking the seal. We recommend applying two coats of Filter 7.


Base Coat

For best results, use an oil-based primer to prevent tannins from penetrating the paint. The primer we recommend is Resene Wood Primer. For dark wood and wood with high tannin levels, two coats should be applied.

Ensure all sides are coated including top and bottom of the doors.

Second and Top Coat

Your door should be painted twice with exterior grade paint in a satin or semi-gloss finish.

Duramax Composite Doors

Woodgrain Duramax doors can be painted or stained, but smooth finish Duramax doors can only be painted.

We offer a high quality painting service for Duramax doors to be painted in a satin or matt finish. We recommend Resene CoolColour.

Aluminium Doors


Our range of architecturally designed Aluminium front doors are powder-coated for low maintenance and can endure all weather. 

All Parkwood aluminium front doors are powder coated in a colour of your choice. To see a list of Parkwood standard colours click here, or you can view colours on the Dulux site here.

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Popular Standard Colours

Botanic Bounty Colours

Parkwood Woodgrain

Colours displayed should be used as a guide for your colour selection only. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colours, and every individual may see these colours differently.