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Did you know a front door originated as an architectural embellishment for religious significance and is rooted in ancient Egyptian mysticism? Doors were believed to provide access to the afterlife, and were often carved with ornate details of the world beyond and overlaid with precious gold. As the centuries passed, the front door became a crucial part of homes – providing security, privacy, and for wealthier families as a public display of the ‘family crest’, which was passed down the descendants.

Some front doors hold great historical meaning because of the many eminent people that have passed through, such as the black entrance to 10 Downing Street – home of the British Prime Minister. Westminster Abbey is home to that country’s oldest door, fashioned from oak wood and dates back to 1050. This famous door was created from a single oak tree, contains five panels, and is the only surviving Anglo Saxon door in London.

The ‘Early Modern Age’ which spanned the 14th through 17th centuries ushered in an architectural revival (or Renaissance) which can be seen in the artistic design of doors bracing both public facilities and private homes. Italian doors featured simplicity – opting to use the doorway leading into the home to depict the family’s unique and personal style; while French and German architects gravitated towards plain masonry doorways that featured elaborately carved and embellished front doors.

Making the Decision to Paint Your Front Door

An attractive front door is not only used to welcome family and guests but is also crucial in establishing your home’s curb appeal. The front door should be considered a key focal point of your landscape and the trend is to use door colour along with an appropriate door style to complement and add a fresh look to your home. When deciding whether to paint or replace your front door, homeowners should consider three factors – colour, style, and door condition.

The homeowner has two options for changing the décor (colour and style) of a home’s exterior door – either painting the front door or selecting a new door that has the right colour and style for your home. has an interesting quiz to help a homeowner decide what colour they might paint their front door, using such indicators as:

  • what your family’s perfect evening at home would look like
  • how your friends would describe your personality
  • your perfect vacation and the types of books you enjoy
  • your decorating style and the climate in your area

While these parameters may seem whimsical in nature, the idea is to have the homeowner consider paint colours that are not only attractive for the home and landscape but a colour that also projects the ideals and personality of the inhabitants of the home. This ‘colour psychology’ should also be considered in light of your home’s cladding (or exterior skin colour).

Using a front door colour guide will help the homeowner fine tune a colour selection. For instance, where an apple red door has a positive and inviting connotation, burgundy will create a classic warmth to the home. Coordinating your home’s cladding with the colour of your new door is essential to creating a smart look; one that has both harmony and style.

Referencing a colour chart to match your front door with your home’s exterior shell is a great way to ‘colour splash’ without going too far in the wrong direction. For instance, if your home is grey, choosing a door that is sunflower yellow will add warmth – while violet will add a flirty brightness and has a very distinctive appearance. In the same manner, a home that is white or neutral coloured can use the front door to create an emotional reaction – such as the playful look of tangerine or the jewel like sparkle of teal blue.

Download Front Door Colour Guide [Free Colour Chart]

Consider The Colour Psychology of Your Front Door

In thinking about what your front door says about your home and the persons living inside, your door colour should be a reflection of the style and preferences that the homeowner is drawn to. While bright red is a colour that brings passion and life to a home, an elegant black may be a better portrayal of your personal style and personality.

Your home’s front door will not only increase the resale value of the property, but it makes a lasting first impression for visitors. The colour of your front door can give the home its own ‘personality’. Green is a best-selling door colour and may be attributed to a study which revealed a green door has a generous and uniquely inviting appeal to visitors. This correlation is possibly due to the connection between green and nature.

Other door colour psychology suggestions include:

  • brown – a sense of being rooted, grounded, secure
  • white – protective, suggests cleanliness and clarity
  • slate grey, burnt orange – and other chalky colours make great retro combinations
  • blues, mauves, aquas – are viewed as highly stylish and in vogue


Choosing to Replace Your Front Door

If your door style seems lacklustre, or the door material outdated and worn, replacing your front door may be the best option to achieve colour, style, and security. There may be a number of reasons that make a front door replacement the best choice for your home. Moisture infiltration between glass panes, warped or weathered material, insect or water damage, and missing or outdated hardware can all be signs that a new door is the best route to take.

Select a door manufacturer or distributor that has a large range of colours and premium entry door options, including solid timbercomposite fibreglass, and aluminium.

Renovate Your Enterance: Checklist, Budget and Timeline Planner [Free Excel Template]