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It will likely surprise you how easy it may be to save money by reducing the costs of maintenance on some areas of your home. This article steps through a few specific areas we have learned to save on from our own experience.

If you can discipline yourself to perform a review or check-up of your home maintenance every few months, you can catch problems in the early stage and save on the cost of fixing them.



If you have trees surrounding your home, you are likely going to need to repair your roof, clean out your gutters repairing damage from fallen branches more often that those who don’t have overhanging trees. It is a quick and easy way to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible by trimming back branches or cutting down overhanging trees altogether. This will also protect you from the damage a fallen tree would cause. 
Also, the smaller lawn you have, the lower cost it will be to mow, fertilize, weed and maintain. Although it may be obvious, but you can save time and money by creating larger gardens that utilize ground cover plants to block weeds instead of mulch.

Energy Audits/Payment Plans

It may be worth having an energy professional take a look at your home’s power usage; there are likely appliances, lighting and other miscellaneous items that are consuming electricity and perhaps are unnecessary. Payment plans can be setup with the majority of energy providers who can pull up your usage history and put together an average monthly payment that allows you to budget and save rather than it constantly fluctuating.

Water Damage Protection

Do you ever have sitting water alongside the edge of your home’s foundation? Making sure your soil is graded away from your house will prevent moisture seeping through the lower concrete floors or walls and into your home, therefore reducing the likeliness of potentially dangerous mould growing. If there are visible cracks in your foundation walls, be sure to get them sealed – It is a lot cheaper to take the precaution than having to repair actual flood damage or having to get mould removed. That can really break the bank!

Insulated Doors & Windows

Doors and windows are one of the biggest losses of heating or cooling in your home. Unless they are insulated properly, you’re heating and cooling bills will likely be a lot higher than necessary. Invest in products like the Parkwood Duramax range of composite fiberglass doors, which have a Polyfoam resin engineered core for high insulation, and you will save on the need for a front door insulation kit. Check them out the full range here.

If you are after an extremely low maintenance but highly regarded door our aluminium doors will cater to all your needs.  Parkwood can pre-finish aluminium doors in a powder coat, which is durable in all weather conditions and will require very little maintenance.

See more about powder coat colours here

We could go on… however, the one lesson remains the same across the board; the sooner, the better. The sooner you repair peeling paint, holes in stucco or crumbling mortar, you will prevent further decay and boost the longevity of the exterior. The longer you procrastinate and leave it, the more it will cost to repair.

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