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An aluminium front door isn’t normally the first option you consider when you’re thinking about a new front door. My first thoughts used to be a grand solid timber door with moulded panels and stained timber grain. The reality is, would it survive the weather in my entrance, would I ever get time to maintain the stain finish, and does it match the style of my home?

Aluminium front doors are the fastest growing door type in New Zealand.  They look so similar to the traditional timber door because of their solid recessed panels, and the traditional stile and rail, or tongue and groove construction.  If you’re after a more contemporary look, there is a range of modern flat or grooved designs. 

What’s more, an aluminium front door is pre-powder coated in a colour of your choice, meaning no painting or re-painting is needed.  The powder coat is durable in any weather conditions. 

So how is a door like this made?  Can you really trust something so new and different?

Yes, you definitely can.  Watch the video below for a quick tour of an aluminium front door factory, showing you the benefits of an aluminium door, and how they are made.

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