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Choosing a front door is a big decision, one that most homeowners avoid making by the simple virtue of never having thought about it. Most people think of front doors as more of a utility item rather than part of their décor or a key aspect of the external appearance of the home. Sure, every now and then we see an unusually beautiful or brightly painted door and note how nice it looks but this rarely translates to thinking about the quality and appearance of our own front doors. But why shouldn’t your front door be one of those that causes others to stop and consider its beauty?

Don’t you want your home to be admirable, even striking, simply by the quality of its design?

This is an ambition most homeowners don’t realise until it’s brought up. Of course, you want the home you’ve worked hard to buy and maintain to be beautiful on the outside as well as cosy on the inside. The only question is: now what? In Auckland especially, where people pour in from every region and continent and housing demands are through the roof, you should be incredibly proud of your position as an Auckland homeowner. It’s time to stop living in obscurity and flaunt your residence with a brand-new front door.

What Does Auckland Need From a Front Door?

Thinking about your front door as a utility item isn’t exactly inaccurate. In fact, the front door has a particularly large list of tasks it’s responsible for. It must keep drafts out and the AC in and be a complete seal against humidity. It must swing open smoothly for you and your family but also effectively keep out intruders who aren’t welcome to waltz right in. It must also maintain all these duties while at the same time responding to local weather conditions.

Fortunately for Auckland homeowners, the weather tends to be warm, and is generally calm with no major temperature or weather extremes. This means that the most you need to worry about for your Auckland front door is keeping out the high humidity in the summer and remaining air-tight all year round to protect your power bill. This means you’re free to choose any style or material of door you like, within reason of course.  

Read on to learn about the key considerations.  

What’s Your Style?

Now that function is taken care of, we can focus on form. Material, shape, and style of your front door can be absolutely anything you want. You don’t need to match the neighbourhood style or get a door that even remotely looks like the one you’re replacing. You have the freedom to get creative and explore what you really want to see on your home. If you’re not sure where to start, try asking yourself a few questions like:

  • What would make you smile to come home to everyday?
  • What will energise you when you leave in the morning?
  • What impression do you want to give your visitors and neighbours when they arrive?

If the answer to any of these questions calls out to you strongly, then you have a direction to start with. Perhaps you’d be delighted by a solid timber heritage style door, giving your home the impression of having been built in the early 1900s or you might be really into the modern style, bringing a splash of high-tech trendiness to the neighbourhood with a sleek composite fibreglass door. You might even consider a completely new look with a pair of beautiful airy French doors that open your entryway out into the front yard in an elegant sweep of glass and breezy curtains.

Choosing Your Colour

Selecting the physical door is one thing but deciding what to paint it is a completely new adventure. The style and material of your door are only the canvas on which you will make your residential artistic statement. There are many ways you could go with colour. Many people choose to go for an understated colour like a dusty moss green which enhances the natural beauty of your yard or a sombre and elegant combination of black and silver. 

Then there are bolder colours like red, blue, teal, purple, or even yellow. A bright front door declares that someone vibrant with a great deal of personality lives inside. This is the perfect time to show the neighbourhood your favourite colour or your sense of style when it comes to property decoration. Red doors are brash and confident and often associated with paying off your mortgage. Bright blue doors are a sign of someone who likes peaceful things but also enjoys making a splash. Yellow or bright green declares a cheerful demeanour.

Download Front Door Colour Guide [Free Colour Chart]

You could always go with a classic beautiful wood finish. For solid timber doors you can choose from a variety of elegant wood types, but even composite fibreglass and aluminium doors can be finished in a wood grain that will make them look like timber while hiding the sturdy inorganic door beneath.

Selecting, designing, and hanging a new front door for your Auckland home is a big decision, but there’s no doubt you are up for the task. Whether you already have in your mind the perfect new front door or will need to spend a few weeks pouring over catalogues and paint colours, whatever you choose is sure to be beautiful when you’re finished. 

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