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A door frame is a crucial part of your door – there to support the door and ensure it’s safe and secure and works as it should. Your door frame is responsible for keeping your door level, opening and closing smoothly, and locking appropriately, so it’s important it’s up to code.

Just as with the door itself, door frames don’t always last forever, so you need to ensure that your frame is in good working order at all times. In many older homes it is common to see imperfections that arise from normal wear and tear. However, excessive damage to the door frame may mean a new one is in order.

So how do you know when you need to replace your frame? Here are a few things to consider when determining whether or not your frame needs replacing.

All banged up

Small marks or dents in your frame are generally no cause for concern, if they’re simply aesthetic issues, they can often be left as is. If the appearance of these marks affects the look of the door, they can usually be buffed out with wood fillers or covered up with paint.

A bit draughty

If you’re noticing a consistent draft through your door when it’s closed, there may be a crack in a part of the frame that’s letting the air in. In most minor cases, a professional should be able to repair this by filling in the crack with a strong sealant, so you shouldn’t need to replace it. 

Something’s rotten

It’s not uncommon for wood at the bottom of a door frame to be subject to some wood rot, particularly if it’s come into contact with water. However, the question of whether you’ll need to replace the door frame as a result, comes down to the severity of the rot. If it’s minor, a qualified door repairer may be able to fix the problem, however if it’s extensive, it may mean replacing the entire frame.

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