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Door jambs are a part of the door frame that act as a kind of legs for the door; they’re the inside parts of a door frame that hold the hinges on one side and the latch on the other. The door jamb is a crucial component in a working door for a number of reasons including:

  • Support – the door relies on the door jamb framing to ensure it hangs level and stays upright. 
  • Closing – the hinges that are screwed into the door jamb are what allows the door to swing open and closed without tipping. 
  • Locking – your door’s deadbolt locking system feeds from the door into the jamb, and without it the door wouldn’t be able to be secured.

But the door jamb is only one part of the door frame. Other important parts of the door include the:

  • Head – a horizontal component which sits above the door. It has two grooves which the door jamb fits into.
  • Sill (or threshold) – the horizontal component that sits below the door, on the floor. The sill helps keep the door rigid and channels away water that comes toward the door.
  • Door stop – strips of wood that run along the length of the door jambs and head and prevent the door from coming off its hinges.
  • Architrave – the decorative trim mounted to the wall around the door frame.

Having a solid, working door frame is crucial to enable your door to work as it should and keep your home safe and secure. Working with a reputable door designer is key to ensure your door frame is up to scratch and supports your door as it should.

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