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There are many different types of hinges on the market, this can make it hard to know which one is the best hinge for an aluminium door. Aluminium doors have a lip on the edge unlike the flat sides of timber and composite doors and this can make it challenging to decide which hinges are best to use.

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Face Mount Hinge:

The face mount hinge is designed for aluminium doors, the small part of the hinge sits into the rebate on the edge of the aluminium door, and the other part of the hinge sits face mounted on the jamb.

Recommended Jambs for the face mount hinge:

  • Aluminium 75mm box
  • Aluminium 106mm box
  • Timber jambs (face mount)

Recess Stainless Steel Hinge:

Recess stainless steel hinges are perfect for Duramax & timber doors as are machined into the jamb and door edge resulting in the hinge being flush to the door edge and the jamb.

Recess stainless steel hinges can be used for aluminium doors but you would have to machine the lip edge (picture below) so the hinge sits in the rebate, or use a “Hinge Packer” (picture below). Stainless Steel Hinges come in 100 x 100 or 100 x 75mm.

Spacer Hinge:

A spacer hinge is used for aluminium doors going into a 75mm F Box jamb or the Pacific jamb.

As always, if in doubt, contact a professional door company who can help you make the right decision for your home.