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If you are working on remodelling your home, then it is important that you take some time to consider what type of doors you want to use in your home’s interior. While doors are something homeowners often overlook during a remodel, your interior doors can affect the overall look and feel of your home, making it important that you do not rush into choosing doors for your home. If you are unsure what type of doors would work best in your home, you may want to consider the benefits that sliding barn doors could provide. These doors are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners due to the beauty and functionality they bring to almost any space. Here are just a few of the reasons to add barn doors to your home. View Barn Door Range

Does Not Require Floor Space

One of the greatest benefits barn doors provide is that they can save space. Since these doors glide along the wall when you open and close them, rather than swinging inwards or outwards like a traditional door, this means that they require much less space to open and close. This can be particularly beneficial in smaller homes, or in an older home with narrow hallways and tight rooms, as barn doors can be easily opened and closed without knocking into anything or anyone. Even if you need to leave a door propped open for ventilation, your barn door will just rest against the wall and will not get in anyone’s way, or cause any stubbed toes, which can make them a convenient addition to any home.  

More Room for Furniture

Another benefit barn doors bring to smaller spaces is that, since these doors do not require any floor space to open and close, this leaves more floor space for tables, chairs, and other furniture. It can be difficult enough to design the layout of a home with tight spaces; however, this only becomes more difficult when you have to factor in room for the opening and closing of doors into your design plan. By incorporating space-saving barn doors into your remodel you will no longer have to worry about floor space for door movement. You will instead be able to use the layout of your home to your advantage by creating a layout that meets your needs and accommodates all your furniture.  


While doors should be easy for anyone within a home to operate, this is not the case with all interior door options. Certain doors can be difficult to open and close if your hands are full, and other doors can be heavy and difficult for children and the elderly to operate safely. However, barn doors are engineered to glide open and closed smoothly on their track with little difficulty. This means that they tend to be easy for everyone within a home to operate as they will often feel lightweight to almost anyone using them. For additional safety, barn doors can be equipped with a soft closing feature that can reduce the risk that fingers, or toes will get squished by these doors when operated, making them safe for every member of the family.   

Wheelchair Friendly

Due to the lightweight and space-saving nature of barn doors, they can often be made wheelchair friendly and are frequently used for this purpose. Since they do not take up space when open they leave a large area free for people to navigate easily within a home. Additionally, due to how easy they are to open and close, many people with disabilities find it easier to operate these doors than other styles of interior doors. Barn doors can also be easily customised to create wider doorways which can be helpful in accommodating people who use wheelchairs and mobility devices. These factors make barn doors a great option for homeowners who are concerned with access, particularly for those planning to run a business out of their home.

Sound Dampening

When choosing interior doors for your home it is also important that you consider the acoustical qualities of a door and whether they will create the level of privacy you are looking for throughout your home. Fortunately, barn doors have excellent sound dampening qualities and do a good job of closing off sections of a home. However, for added privacy acoustical seals can easily be added around door jambs to further boost soundproofing, which can be particularly beneficial when adding barn doors to bedrooms. You may be surprised by how much barn doors can reduce the transmission of sound within your home.

Easy Installation

While barn doors provide some of the same benefits as cavity sliders, one of the biggest advantages barn doors provide over cavity sliders is that they are much easier to install. Cavity sliders require part of the wall to be ripped open so that the framing and hardware for the cavity slider can be installed, and the wall must then be repaired after the door is in place. Alternatively, the tracks for barn doors are installed on the exterior of the wall, making for a much simpler and quicker installation process. In fact, many homeowners are able to install barn doors themselves in a matter of hours.

A Variety of Design Options

One of the primary benefits of choosing barn doors is the instant beauty and charm they can bring to any home, as these doors add a sense of warmth and comfort to a home that other door styles simply do not. Additionally, barn doors are available in a variety of designs, colours, styles, and materials, ensuring that you can choose a barn door that fits the aesthetic of your newly redesigned home. Whether you prefer a traditional rustic look, or if you prefer a more sleek and modern style, there will likely be a barn door that will meet your needs.

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