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In order to determine whether a door should open inwards or outwards, it’s important to consider how it will be used. The door’s placement, purpose and material will all influence whether it swings in or out. Read on for more info on what you need to consider when deciding whether your doors will open inwards or outwards. Renovate Your Entrance: Checklist, Budget and Timeline Planner [Free Excel Template]

Internal doors

Most interior doors are likely to be positioned off a hallway or thoroughfare of some kind, which is why they generally open inwards. Outward-opening doors inside the house can be awkward because they invade the space and may interfere with people walking by. In addition, if outward-opening interior doors are left open, this can disrupt the flow of the home and create a messy look.

Exterior doors

Most external doors, particularly front doors, open inwards and there are multiple reasons for this, including:

  • Security – inward-opening doors keep the door’s hinges safely inside the house, which prevents any potential tampering, and can also be more easily fitted with extra security features such as latches and chains.
  • Convenience – inward-opening exterior doors make it easier to open and shut the door, without risking interference by people who, if the door opened outward, would be in its way.
  • Weather – When an external door opens outwards, it’s exposed to the elements, which means it will naturally experience a bit more wear and tear as a result. Outward-opening doors might get banged around on a windy day and they are also more susceptible to water damage.

Despite these points, there are some instances where it makes sense for exterior doors to open outwards. A good example is exterior doors in public buildings. For safety reasons, these doors often open outwards, to make it easier for big crowds of people to get out, which is particularly important in the event of an emergency.

If in doubt, have a chat to your door designer who can advise on the best direction for your doors.