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How to Install Soft-Closers on Barn Door Track

Firstly, check that all parts are included.

Put screw in place on each soft closer.

There is a left and a right, make sure the spring on each soft closer is facing towards the end of the track, left and right.

Move stop to desired position on track.

Push the soft closer on to the bottom of the track and fix in place the clamp, put closer as close as possible towards stop.

Bring door up to stop.

Slide in connector till flush with edge of door and fix in place two screws, the connector can go in or out to make sure it catches with the pick-up guide.

The connector can also be adjusted up or down by loosing the screw, its important that when you open the door, the soft closer doesn’t go back to closed position, so that it stays at the open point ready to pick the connector up again when door closes. If this doesn’t happen, you need to lift the connector up.