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How to change the lock stile on a Strata TGV aluminium door [Video]

The video shows the steps to change the lock stile of a Strata TGV door, but the same process can be used for a hinge stile and even a core board. Strata TGV doors are made of different extrusions making it possible.

How to take off a lock stile of a Strata TGV.

There are some screws holding the lock style in. You need take all these out and probably take this one out as well so that the tongue of the lock style can come out and the same at the other end.

It’s a number two drill bit square and you just take the required screws out from the top and bottom of the door.

Once the required screws are out, you just slowly pull the lock style out.


Replacing the stile.

So, when you’re putting the new lock style in, you need to make sure that in the trough you’re putting a bit of small joint sealer, you want about three lots of 100 and 50 mil worth of small joint sealer here and in the middle and at the top three or four lots.

Doing that stops the lock style from rattling if the door gets slammed closed.

Then you can introduce the lock style back in nice and easy.

Screw it in and then you can see you’ve got the screws to put back in.


Job done.