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When it comes to adding value to your home, focusing on street appeal is often our first move. It’s hard to know where to start and what’s really worthwhile. At Parkwood, we’ve spent years working alongside architects and homeowners; we understand what really makes a difference.

Here are four of the most effective street appeal boosters that are proven to work.

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1. Plant a tree & clean up the yard

A nicely mowed lawn, a few well-placed shrubs, and a swept walkway, although obvious factors, definitely help make that great first impression. One lush, healthy tree can do wonders for a sparse front garden – adding depth and greenery. If you aren’t into gardening yourself, it doesn’t cost much to hire a professional landscaper that can do the fixups such as some new soil, plant some shrubs and give the lawn a good clean-up. Not only will it make your house look a lot better, but your neighbours will love you for it too.

2. Paint, paint, paint

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that painting is most effective appearance-altering quick-fix. One fresh coat of paint can make old weather boards look new; not to mention how far a bold accent colour can go on shutters and trim. Painting your home can add some brightness and revive a dull house. Bold colours will help make your house stick out… so be careful how far you go – neutral colours suit some houses better than the bold ones; just make sure to match whatever colours you choose to the rest of your house.

3. Light it up with Exterior Lighting

Solar lights are inexpensive, and you can place them where they highlight your home’s best attributes – landscaping, walking paths and any custom fixtures. The difference accent lighting makes is huge! When buying the new exterior light fixtures, consider both the style of your home and the function of the lights.

4. Say hello to a new front door

When it comes down to making that first impression, especially to visitors being welcomed into your home, a beautiful entrance door can make all the difference. Even the hardware itself can make a difference; a nice, big piece of hardware on the entry door signals to newcomers that this is a solid home and works a lot better than a flimsy little knob.
This is where we come in handy. For more than 20 years, Parkwood has been manufacturing and supplying all kinds of doors; from traditional wooden villa styles to the very latest contemporary aluminium designs. The aluminium and Duramax composite fibreglass front doors are perfect for entrances exposed to weather. The solid timber range must be in an entrance situation sheltered from the elements.

Whether it is designer doors, contemporary doors or feature doors, there will be the perfect match for you and your home’s personality.

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Overall, you want to focus on not just what you think needs to change, but what will have the most impact on other people’s perception of your home; and that’s how you increase its value.