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Front doors are the entryway to the home. They let guests in and out of your interior space, and let residents leave and re-enter their abode. Over time (due to continuous opening and closing) problems can arise that make the front door feel like a barrier rather than a passage.

Here are some common problems with front doors, and how to solve them:


If you find yourself running late because you had to spend precious time forcing your door to open, it’s most likely jammed. Door jams are commonly caused by the door falling off the hinge and rubbing against the lock-side of the frame. Whether it takes you a while to open the door, or you can’t open it at all, this problem can be easily fixed.

Simply tighten the screws on the top hinge which have gotten loose, with a screwdriver rather than a drill. Avoid drills because they tend to over tighten the screw, strip the screw holes, or chew up the screw-heads.


Another common problem with front doors (most prevalent with solid timber) is that they’ve gone out of shape. Solid timber is made from natural fibres that expand and contrast when the weather changes, so when moisture, temperature and air pressure is high the door will experience a slight change in shape.

These slight changes can add up to a massive change—making the entire door catch against the edges of the frame. To solve this problem, identify the edges that are catching and sand them down to a straight edge. Use coarse sandpaper to begin with but finish with a finer kind for a smooth finish.

Hard to Lock

Your door may be opening and closing just fine, but it’s hard to lock. There are two main reasons this may be happening:

  • The lock mechanism has seized up due to dirt and grime build-up and is in need of a graphite lubrication. While oil may seem like the best solution to use in this instance, it isn’t, as it will gum-up the system.
  • The lock mechanism is worn out from continuous use and needs replacing.

The Complete Guide to Entrance doors

While there are often simple fixes for common door problems, it’s always a good idea to chat to an expert. If you’re having an issue with your door, contact the Parkwood team here.