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Shutters are something that most people don’t even consider. Maybe you see them nailed to the outside of a house like pointless decoration or perhaps they’ve featured into a few old movies but almost no one seems to plan for shutter these days. But why not? The lovely collection of layered wooden slats is perfect for blocking direct sunlight and thermally insulating your windows and they can be folded back anytime you’d like to look out at the view.

However, shutters can be used in a lot of ways you wouldn’t expect as well. They can be mounted indoors or out, and they don’t need a window or doorway to do some truly amazing sun blocking and decoration. Curious? Not sure what we’re talking about? Here are ten interesting ways to use shutters you probably have never considered before.

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1) Room Divider

Shutters don’t have to be used outside, they can be hung anywhere you need to partially block the view or divide a space. Full-length shutters can be used to divide one large room into two or more smaller areas by mounting them on a sliding or folding track in the ceiling. For pass-through-windows like those that are often built between a kitchen and living room, you can put up window-sized shutters to close the pass or create a little kitchen privacy while you add that secret ingredient to a dinner party dish.


2) Bathroom Window Vent

Not all bathrooms have vents. They should, but not all of them do. The best way to deal with a small vent-less bathroom is to open the window, but this could also lead to potential privacy problems. However, with a shutter on the other side of your window, you can leave the slats cracked and the window open to create your own private vent window. The air will be able to flow freely, and you’ll be able to take care of business free from prying eyes.


3) Closet Door

Who says your closet door has to be an actual door? In fact. most of the best closet doors are incredibly light-weight and decorative in a way that makes the entire room look nicer. Shutters have great potential as closet doors because they suit these requirements perfectly. Whether you choose to paint your shutter doors something that compliments your room colour or select a warm natural wood stain, shutters are sure to make your room feel more personalised and dynamic, certainly different from the plain, uninteresting door that hung there before.


4) Sliding Window Cover

Most people think of shutters as needing to swing in or out and latched into place, but modern shutters have far more options than that. Depending on the style of your window and your personal preferences, you can install a sliding shutter instead of the classic folding type. These mount on a rail on the inside or outside of your window and can be easily slid into or out of place without having to worry about a latch or hinges. Sliding shutters are especially useful for smaller windows that wouldn’t support two shutters together.


5) Screen Door

A screen door is a lightweight extra door that keeps the bugs out so you can leave your front door open to let the air in. Shutters have been used as screen doors for centuries and can easily be upgraded by mounting a screen on the inside of the shutters. With a shutter screen door, you can not only block insects but also unwanted direct sunlight while you air out your home and do a few cleaning chores. Shutter screen doors also offer you a bit more privacy than normal screen doors with a touch of elegance to show the neighbourhood that you do things a little differently. 



6) Balcony Shade

When you think about it, you don’t even need a window or door for your shutters to be incredibly useful. Have you ever found yourself enjoying your porch or balcony right up until the sunset gets directly into your eyes? With a sliding shutter panel, you can quickly and easily position those lovely wooden slats exactly where you need them to block the sun, enjoy the evening, and continue your pleasant conversation. Just like a car shade, a sliding shutter shade can be there when you need it and slide away when you’d rather enjoy the view.


7) Porch Screen

Whether or not you keep them on sliding tracks, you can also use shutter panels to screen in your porch. Porch screens have been made out of all sorts of things from casually hung bath towels to handmade trellises covered in trumpet flower vines. A sliding track of shutters is the perfect way to make a hybrid porch, open when you want to socialise with the world and closed when you’d rather nap or read in the pleasant outside air.


8) Indoor Window Décor

Window shutters aren’t always on the outside, if you like the look of natural or painted wood décor, you might love the look of shutters with or instead of curtains. Shutters on the inside give you more easy and direct control of whether they are open or closed. Indoor shutters are great for living areas, bedrooms, and even offices where you may want active control over sunbeams. They’re also great for window seats.


9) Sliding Glass Door Shade

Sliding glass doors are a wonderful way to open up your living area to your backyard for a free and enjoyable flow between indoor and outdoor settings. However, shading that huge pane of glass between uses in a way that isn’t a complete hassle can be difficult. A sliding or folding shutter array might be exactly what you need to create access to the backyard when you want it and block all that excess sunlight when you feel more like an indoor person that day.


10) Actual Storm Shutters

Our final unusual use for shutters is as actual protection against storms. If your region is prone to intense storms with high winds, it can be worthwhile to install something that can protect your glass windows from flying debris, falling trees, and the like. Depending on the shutters you choose, you may well be able to close and seal them in a way that will ably protect your doors and windows from the ravages of a harsh storm.

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