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Strata FL (ALSTCFL) – (41mm thick door)


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Strata FL Series

Flush aluminium door with a refined look and improved quality capping system, making it a true flush door. Durable, low maintenance, and guaranteed in harsh weather. Your choice of powder coat colour – a strong long lasting finish, designed for harsh weather conditions.

Min Width: 300

Max Width: 1300

Min Height: 300

Max Height: 2900

Thickness: 41

Min Thickness: 41

Max Thickness: 41

Home Style: Commerical

Pivot: Briton 2800 only

Seal: None available

Eye Viewer: Normal thickness door viewer

Cat Door: Can fit (full thickness door)

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: Yes with capping

Range: Aluminium Strata

Situation: Exposed

Mould Profile: Standard Profile

Warranty: 10 Years

Min R Rating: 0.18

Max R Rating: 0.18

STC*: 27

*Based on doors between 1980x860 and 2200x1060, estimates and only and have an error range of ±3 points.