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Window shutters have seen a growth in popularity in recent years due to their aesthetic appeal as well as due to the variety of functional benefits they can provide. However, if you are considering adding window shutters to a home, then you may be wondering what benefits shutters provide and whether interior or exterior shutters would be the right fit for your home. While each type of shutter provides its own unique benefits and will benefit different homes, there are a variety of reasons you should consider choosing exterior shutters whether you are building or designing a new home, or if you are considering remodelling your current home. To help you choose the right shutters for your project, here is an overview of everything you need to know about exterior shutters and the benefits they provide.

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Protective vs Decorative:

When choosing exterior shutters, you will have two types of shutters to choose from: decorative and protective; here is a quick overview of what you need to know about both types of exterior shutters.

  • Decorative: As the name implies, decorative shutters are non-operable and are placed on either side of a window to serve primarily as decoration. These shutters are a great option for homeowners who do not care about the functional benefits of exterior shutters but are merely looking for the classic look exterior shutters can bring to a home.    
  • Protective: Alternatively, protective shutters are made to be functional and can be opened and closed. While protective shutters come in a variety of designs and styles and serve a decorative function, they are made of more sturdy materials and can serve the added function of insulating and protecting a home as well. Many homeowners prefer protective exterior shutters since that they are generally seen as more practical than decorative shutters due to the functional benefits they provide. If you are considering adding shutters to a home, here are just a few of the reasons you should consider protective exterior shutters.  

Set Your House Apart

One of the greatest benefits of exterior shutters is that they can help to boost your home’s curb appeal, allowing it to stand out from other houses in the neighbourhood. With dozens of shutter styles and designs to choose from, you may be surprised just how much adding shutters to your home can transform the way it looks. In particular, if you are designing (or giving a makeover to) a terrace house or a home in a super-lot where homes often look identical to the ones surrounding it, exterior shutters can help a house to stand out, making it differential from those around it. With customised exterior shutters, you can make a home as unique as the people who occupy it, completely altering is aesthetics.

A Timeless Look

There is a reason that exterior shutters have been used in architectural design for hundreds of years. These shutters provide a classic, timeless look that will help to accentuate and enhance the design of any building’s exterior. Residential shutters help to give houses a warm welcoming feel making the house more attractive to guests and passers-by alike. Due to their long history of use in residential design, you will not have to worry about your shutters going out of style. In fact, exterior shutters are so popular for their beauty and functionality that they can help to increase the value of the homes on which they are installed.

Protection from the Elements

When considering the functional benefits protective exterior shutters provide, one of the primary reasons homeowners and builders give for choosing these shutters is the extent to which they can protect homes from the elements. While modern windows are stronger than ever, the fact is that they are made of glass and may have less than ideal impact resistance. Thusly, practical exterior shutters can be particularly beneficial for homes in areas that are prone to heavy storms or high winds as closed shutters can protect the windows underneath them, greatly reducing the likelihood that they will be shattered by flying objects. The fact is that if you live in an area with extreme weather, decorative or internal shutters may not be as practical of an option as protective shutters as they will not protect your windows from weather damage.  

Added Security

When intruders look for ways to break into a home, windows are one of the first places they will often look for vulnerabilities. Homes with older windows can be an easy target for thieves as these windows often do not have good locks, and they are often easy to break. Even if your home has newer windows, windows are still generally a home’s most vulnerable point of entry. However, protective shutters can help to boost your home’s security by adding a layer of protection over your windows. Modern protective shutters often have a locking mechanism on the inside, preventing thieves from accessing or breaking your windows. While shutters may not keep intruders out indefinitely, they will greatly slow them down making it difficult for them to access your home. For this reason, shutters often act as a deterrent for thieves who will look for an easier house to break into.   

Added Insulation

Another practical benefit of protective shutters is that they add another layer of insulation to a home. The fact is that even homes that have modern windows lose energy to the outside on days when it is particularly cold or hot. However, shutters add insulation to a home helping to reduce temperature transfer from the outside-in year-round. This will help to reduce the strain placed on your HVAC system when heating and cooling your home, which can help to greatly reduce your energy bills during the winter and summer months. Simply close your external shutters to help keep the hot or cold air from infiltrating your home.

Ultimately, the type of shutters that will best fit your home will depend on where you live, your needs, and your own preferences. However, if you are looking to enhance your home’s aesthetics, improve its security, and make it more energy-efficient, then exterior protective shutters may be the right option for you. Contact us to learn more about shutters, the benefits they provide, and the benefits of each type of shutter on the market.

Download The Complete Guide to Shutters & Louvres [Free E-Book]