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Mode Shutter – Open


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Open Fixed Blade Mode Shutter. This shutter is made to order and sold at a square metre rate which means you can order to the size you require. Timber shutters are an excellent option for those wanting privacy without sacrificing style, and are also great for controlling the temperature in your home.
A fixed blade shutter with chunky blade design, Parkwood Mode comes in either open blade 42 x 10mm or closed blade option. The generous proportions (36mm thick) and careful detailing of the Mode Shutter creates a great visual image inside or out and performs well whether the blades are open or closed.

Min Width: 250

Max Width: 1200

Min Height: 300

Max Height: 2400

Thickness: 35

Min Thickness: 34

Max Thickness: 42

Home Style: Shutter

Pivot: Any

Seal: None available

Eye Viewer: Not available

Cat Door: Not available

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: No

Range: Timber

Situation: Exposed

Mould Profile: Standard Profile

Warranty: 5 Years