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EAR41D Exterior


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Not just any barn door is suitable for exterior situations. Parkwood have innovated where the panels meet the stiles and rails to ensure these are suitable for sheltered exterior use. It is an excellent option for adding timeless style to the outside of any building.

Barn doors have taken the world of interior design by storm, but many homeowners are missing an opportunity to incorporate the barn door look on the exterior of their home. With a bit of creative vision and skilled execution, barn doors have the potential of providing both functionality and design to the entirety of a property.
All exterior timber doors must be placed in a weather protected situation to be covered by warranty.

  • Built with the highest quality craftsmanship using a range of timber options. Designed for sheltered conditions.
  • Premium hand-made doors by skilled craftsmen.
  • All timber hand selected and colour matched.
  • Kiln-dried and moisture tested to stop movement.
  • Made-to-measure.
  • A standard range of reliable timbers to suit any design or style.
  • 5 year warranty.

Min Width: 510

Max Width: 1200

Min Height: 600

Max Height: 2600

Thickness: 41

Min Thickness: 38

Max Thickness: 42

Home Style: Contempory, Cottage, Hamptons

Pivot: Any

Seal: RP8 available

Eye Viewer: Not available

Cat Door: Can fit (thin panel or DG Glass)

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: No

Range: Timber

Situation: Sheltered

Mould Profile: Exterior Square

Warranty: 5 Years

Min R Rating: 0.38

Max R Rating: 0.44