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Duramax Intra FTS


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Sizes Available:

  • 1980 x 710mm
  • 1980 x 760mm
  • 1980 x 810mm
  • 1980 x 860mm
The smarter interior door – The answer for all interior wet areas. PU dense foam core provides excellent insulation rating with no rotting, swelling or twisting.
Superior durability for high-traffic areas, water resistance for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas, smooth fibreglass skins for a hygienic finish, excellent stability and exceptional impact resistance.
  • 35mm thick.
  • LVL styles and rails for superior stability.
  • PU dense foam core for high insulation and low sound transmission.
  • No swelling or breakdown thanks to the fully sealed composite PVC resin edges on 4 sides of door.
  • Straight and stable, no bowing due to LVL stiles.


  • GRP/fibreglass Skin 
  • Made from sheet moulding compound 
  • Smooth skin doors 1.6-2mm skin thickness 
  • LVL supporter 
  • Each door is constructed using an internal structure supporter manufactured from LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) 
  • Stile of both sides 
  • The stiles are one (1) piece of composite PVC stile and one (1) piece of LVL 
  • Top rail 
  • The top rail is one (1) piece of composite PVC 
  • Bottom Rail 
  • Bottom rail is one (1) piece of composite PVC 
  • Lock Block o Lock block is approximately 350mm long, 75mm wide, on 1 side as marked on door 
  • Glue 
  •  The glue used to bond the fiberglass door skins to the frames is Urethane Adhesive Resin 
  • Core 
  • PU foam 
Sound transmission/insulation: STC 25 / Rw 30 / Rw + Ctr 25 (modelled based on standard construction and materials) Impact resistance: Test results of a door of similar materials and construction: 
Design pressure: ±50.0psf 
Water penetration resistance 7.5psf 
The FTS Duramax door can be trimmed 10mm in overall height and width (must be even amount off both sides).

Min Width: 710

Max Width: 870

Min Height: 1980

Max Height: 2340

Thickness: 35

Min Thickness: 35

Max Thickness: 35

Home Style: Art Deco, Contempory, Modern

Pivot: None

Seal: None available

Eye Viewer: Normal thickness door viewer

Cat Door: Can fit (full thickness door)

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: Yes

Range: Duramax

Situation: Semi-Sheltered

Mould Profile: Standard Profile

Warranty: 10 Years

STC: 24

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