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Lockwood 9800 Series Concealed Overhead Transom Door Closers
For applications where door control is required without disturbing the appearance of the door, Lockwood 9800 Series Concealed Overhead Transom Door Closers are an ideal solution.

The closer fits into the transom above the door, resulting in most of the preparatory work being undertaken prior to installation, leaving minimal on-site fitting.

A fully concealed door closer provides positive door centring and door control on manually operated interior and exterior single and double action doors in schools, hospitals, clubs, factories, offices, and commercial buildings.


  • Suitable for both single and double action doors.
  • Adjustable closing and latching speeds.
  • All models feature easy to install side load design.
  • Fully adjustable, vertically within opening and central parking positions.
  • Closing Angles 130 degrees to 15 degrees.
  • Non back check.
  • Compact body size fits into 44.5mm x 100mm header section.
  • Suitable for fire, metal, timber, and glass doors.
  • Power size 4.
  • Closing torque 29Nm.
  • Minimum door thickness 38mm.
  • Maximum door weight 115kg.
  • Maximum door width 1220mm.
  • Latching Angles 15 degrees to 0 degrees.
  • Maximum opening angle 130 degrees.
  • Pivot Point 70mm.
  • Stable hydraulic oil for a wide range of climatic conditions enabling constant operation.
  • Built in pressure release valve protects closer from rough use.

Furniture body: high grade cast iron.
Internal body: heat treated high alloy steel and ball bearings for optimum efficiency.
Standards and Compliance
Lockwood OTC series hydraulic door closers have been successfully tested on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1905 Part 1, 1997 Fire Resistant Door sets.
Door Pivot Sets
Suitable for door applications when a free swing pivot door is required. Consists of retractable top pivot set with heavy duty bottom pivot and strap.
Suitable for aluminium, timber, and glass doors.