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What affects the price of a Duramax composite door?

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of a Duramax door, knowing these beforehand will help prevent having unrealistic expectations:

  • Firstly, the style affects the base price, due to how much time needs to be put into making it or if it has glass.
  • Glass – in general, Duramax doors come with either clear or etchlite double glazing, although some door designs are not available with a choice of glass. You will have to pay an additional charge if you want to choose another type of glass than clear or etchlite (when there is the option to choose).
  • Size – the larger that a door is the more expensive it becomes. The base price of a Duramax door is for door sizes between 1940×720 and 1980×860, but if you go bigger or smaller than these sizes additional costs apply.
  • Skin texture – Duramax doors are available in two skin options in most designs. There is a woodgrain textured finish or a smooth finish. The smooth skin is more expensive due to being thicker than the woodgrain skin.

Some other factors to consider when buying a door that will increase the cost are:

  • You will need a lock to secure your door. You can choose from many options, including grip-sets, lever handles, pull handles, and digital locks. Many of these options can even be combined.
  • You can choose whether to have your lock machining done while the door is being manufactured, or you can have it completed on site, but either way there are costs involved.
  • You may decide that your door needs other hardware. For instance, an eye viewer, false hinges, or maybe a cat flap. Some of these options may need further machining.
  • Finishing the door – There will be an additional cost associated with finishing your Duramax door, whether you choose to paint or stain it. Parkwood offers painting services for Duramax doors.
  • Installing the door – unless you are confident in your ability to install the door yourself, you should add installation to your budget.
  • Additional warranty – The basic warranty on a door only covers the replacement of the door as it was originally ordered (for instance, if you had your door machined for hardware this is covered in the basic warranty). Whereas through Parkwood you can choose to upgrade your warranty to ‘Warranty Plus’ which additionally includes finishing and fitting of the door up to $500 but this does come at a small cost.