Our solid timber interior doors, hand-crafted from high quality timber.

Manufactured from a selection of sustainably sourced timbers, our doors are custom-built to your specifications. We make it easy to select the door style and timber that best matches your interior design, and specify the exact size you require.


Help Choosing
Consider the 'feel' you want - such as whether you want glass to give a more open feel between rooms. Then look at the type of timber you're using and wether you are going to paint or stain the wood.
Flexibility & Choice
Without demands from weather elements, interior doors offer you more flexibility than entrance doors. There is a big choice of materials, treatments and techniques available – so have fun!
Solid Timber adds Value
Solid wood doors have an elegance and quality that can add value to your home. Regardless of whether your interior doors are painted or stained, you can add up to 15% in value to your home simply by choosing solid timber doors.

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