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When deciding on an entry door to add the finishing touches to your home’s appearance, you need to make certain its style blends perfectly with that of your actual house.

Although materials, budgets and weather conditions play a role in the choosing your home’s entry door, it’s obvious no two homes are exactly alike. Styles cover vast ranges – from Victorians to colonials, bungalows to contemporary apartments – and ensuring the door you choose reflects that style is both challenging and rewarding.  Here are a few things to consider whilst making your selection.

door in blue poppy


Colonial homes usually have simple symmetry around a centre entrance that puts the focal point directly on the entry door. That being the case, when choosing a door for that style of house, you want to reflect that in the door’s design. For example, a composite door with twin panel windows on either side would fit in well. On the other hand, when it comes to sophisticated homes like old English villas or more of a country style residence, a rustic or stained timber door could add a lot of personality and character unique to that home.
With modern homes, you normally are looking at a lot of edges, corners and oblong shapes. That’s the kind of environment that metal and composite doors with sharp designs and bright colours fit in well. When done right, they can complement your home’s appearance in a visually stunning way.

When done right, they can complement your home’s appearance in a visually stunning way.

It may be obvious, but you need to be careful your door choice doesn’t clash with the home. For example, you don’t want to put a traditional timber door on a white, minimalistic modern home; it will definitely stand out… just not in a good way!

Form Follows Function

The majority of architects are familiar with this principle; first determine what  structure or dwelling exactly will predominately be used for, and then build out the design on that. If you’re regularly entertaining and hosting visitors to your home, you will need a home that makes entertaining as easy as possible. That could mean an open, flowing floor plan, a large eating area, large kitchen and whatever else that makes it more workable. So, when it comes to selecting doors, it is no different; you want doors that are inviting and can handle heavy usage. Something like double doors with glass panels could work well in this situation. 

The point you need to understand is what it will be used for and make sure it is designed to handle exactly that.


When it comes to the materials used on the exterior of your home, there are a range of options; plaster, brick and weather board would be some of the most common. Although there is no specific guide for what type of doors go best with what materials, some definitely look better than others. It is always helpful to research other homes with similar exterior materials to yours and see what choices they made. Then, you can use different ideas that you like the look of to influence your own selection.

Exterior Colour Combinations/Colour

Colours are a lot of fun – each one resonates a unique message of its own.  Recent trends tend to make contemporary front door colours bright and quite ‘out-there’.  

Show your personality at the front door with the Botanic Bounty Colour Range

  • Yellow: Cheery, Energetic and Warm… it will add brightness to a dull exterior.
  • Red: Ranging from bold hues to deep crimson, red is a common one. It usually accents very well with neutral tones, adding a pop of colour that stands out, even adding a bit of dignity to your home’s appearance.
  • Orange: Often orange looks best on modern homes where it is used for a pop of colour, it can look really cool and fun if matched with the right palette. Be wary, however, as orange is also an easy one to look out of place if not matched correctly.
  • Green: Playing off of your landscape, green can be a refreshing alternative. However, keep the bright greens for more modern of Victorian style homes. Classic designs go best with the deeper hues.  Lime green is more of a modern, contemporary front door colour.  
  • Blue: Not very common, but blue can add a coastal feel to traditional homes for an inviting welcome.
  • Black: This is the colour to go to when you want to make an elegant statement – even adding a royal feel of class and stateliness.

Aluminium doors are powder coated, whilst fibreglass and timber doors are painted or stained.  

See more about powder coat colours here

See more about powder coat colours here

Although there’s likely other criteria that can be used to determine your home’s best match for an entry door, the areas we have covered will get you off to a good start!


A contemporary door in the Botanic Bounty colour, Sunflower Field.