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Welcome to Parkwood

For over 30 years, Parkwood has specialised in hand-crafted doors that look stunning, are easy to install, and built to last with industry-leading warranties.

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I am in the early stages of planning my build or renovation; show me what is possible.

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I have decided on the look of my home and am ready to find the perfect door to fit.

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I have decided on the door I want, I just need help with a quote.

Browse Entrance Doors

Parkwood’s entrance doors are constructed from the most durable and highest-quality materials available, including aluminium powder-coated doors, Duramax composite, and solid timber doors, so they’ll stand the test of time.

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Browse Interior Doors

We make it easy to select the door style and timber that best matches your interior design and specify the exact size you require.

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Browse Commercial Doors

Built for security, strength, and endurance. Suitable for hygiene and high usage areas, these complete door and frame units are custom-made and fit for purpose, with vision panels and air-vents.

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Our Projects

Why do so many people
choose Parkwood Doors?

Parkwood has built a reputation for creating high-quality premium doors, shutters, and louvres for all types of homes and lifestyles.

Made in New Zealand

With our roots in New Zealand, we are familiar with the constantly changing temperatures, salty air, and rising and falling humidity.

Energy Efficient

Doors that help insulate your home are energy-efficient and can help you save money.

Safe & Secure

Our innovative, world-class doors have all the benefits required to provide safe and secure entrance without sacrificing the beautiful design elements.

three birds project - exterior front door and lawn

Our Story

A Wanganui based family business, now spanning three generations, that has grown organically to offer Australia and New Zealand’s largest range of doors.

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